Vission and Mission

Vission and Mission

Vision of the Legal Studies Undergraduate Study Program

Realizing a law degree study program with the standards of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to improve the quality of life and civilization in 2025.

Mission of the Bachelor of Law Study Program

The mission of the USAKTI Faculty of Law Undergraduate Study Program is a follow-up to the Vision, which is described as follows:

  1. Increasing the role of the Study Program in producing ASEAN-standard law graduates to improve the quality of life and civilization in 2025 and having Trikrama Trisakti character through education and teaching activities;
  2. Improving educational and teaching activities as well as research to develop legal knowledge that is comparative, adaptive to the development of Science, Technology, and the Arts (IPTEKSEN) and applicable to Social, Economic, and Cultural changes (SOSEKBUD);
  3. Increase the participation of the Study Program in supporting the needs of the community and industry through community service activities while still paying attention to local values ​​in developing legal knowledge to improve the quality of life and civilization;
  4. Increase the commitment of the Study Program in upholding good governance.

Objectives of the Bachelor of Law Study Program

  1. Making the Faculty of Law of international standard with mastery of law in accordance with the times and guided by the noble values ​​of Trisakti University.
  2. Produce graduates who are experts in law, virtuous, intelligent, healthy, independent, creative, innovative, have social sensitivity, are able to communicate well and develop an entrepreneurial spirit (entrepreneurial) that is fair, wise and respects the diversity of the nation.
  3. Realizing an academic culture that spurs self-development through a productive, effective and efficient learning process in participating in building a civil society.
  4. Realizing a culture of researching and contributing real works that are beneficial to society, nation and state.
  5. Develop partnerships with other higher education institutions, industry, government, and communities at home and abroad.
  6. Fostering a culture of loyalty and being critical of the alma mater for campus residents and alumni.
  7. Increase management commitment and enforce good faculty governance and prosper the residents of the Faculty of Law to maintain the glory of Trisakti University.
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