Trisakti University, is the only private university in Indonesia which was established by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on November 29, 1965 through the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) Number 014/dar 1965 which was signed by Dr. Sharif Thajeb. November 29 was later designated as the birthday of Trisakti University.

The process of the birth of Trisakti University began with the destruction of Respublika University by the masses in 1965 because it was considered involved in the Indonesian Communist Party movement in September 1965 from the ruins of Respublika that Trisakti University was built.

The name Trisakti University was given by Dr. Ir. Soekarno, President of the Republic of Indonesia at that time. The meaning of Trisakti is taken from Dr. Ir. Soekarno, namely sovereign in the political field, independent in the economic field and personality in culture. This foundation is the pillar of Trisakti University’s efforts to participate in educating the nation’s children in various aspects, such as intellectual, emotional, spiritual intelligence and social sensitivity to others, spurring wisdom and justice.

Initially, Trisakti University had five faculties, namely the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Engineering, which has 4 (four) departments, namely the Department of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Architecture.

Currently, in its journey, Trisakti University has 9 (nine) faculties namely the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Earth and Energy Technology, Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Engineering. Environment, as well as the Faculty of Art and Design, with a total of 23 (twenty three) Undergraduate Programs and 5 (five) Diploma III Programs. In addition, there is a Postgraduate Program which has 8 (eight) Masters Programs and 2 (two) Doctoral Programs.

In its journey until now, Trisakti University has experienced various events, one of which is very monumental, the May 12, 1998 Tragedy which resulted in the death of 4 (four) Trisakti University students. The death of these four students has triggered the movement of Indonesian students in overthrowing the New Order and is seen as the beginning of the revival of the Indonesian Reform Era. This event is considered very monumental because it has brought down the New Order government which has held power in this country for more than 32 years.

Since then Trisakti University has been known as the Campus of Reform Heroes and is determined to continue to stand at the forefront of always raising the banner of reform with the ideals of Kadeham (Nationalism, Democracy and Human Rights).

After 7 (seven) years of the incident, finally in 2005 the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono awarded the Pratama Jasa Bintang award, with the Presidential Decree No. 057/TK/2005 dated August 9, 2005. The four students who died had served as Reform Fighters and pushed for reforms that allowed for fundamental changes in the Indonesian state administration to lead a democratic life.

Chancellors The Chancellors who have developed and raised Trisakti University are:

* 1965 – 1972 Drs. MA Siswadji (Presidium)
* 1972 – 1976 Drs. MA Siswadji
* 1976 – 1980 Ir. Poedjono Hardjoprakoso
* 1980 – 1988 Prof. Dr. Ir. P. Haryasudirja
* 1988 – 1990 Ir. Hartono Kadri
* 1990 – 1994 H. Mulyatno Sindhudarmoko, SE
* 1994 – 1998 Prof. Dr. R. Moedanton Moertedjo
* 1998 – 2016 Prof. Dr. Thoby Mutis
* 2016 – sekarang Prof. dr Ali Ghufron Mukti, MSc,PhD

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